we help you build the business you want

Is this

  • You want to build something Revolutionary in Dentistry
  • You have a bigger vision for your Dental business
  • You want to go further than where you currently are
  • You don’t yet have the business you want

this is us

  • We help you build something Revolutionary
  • We help you execute your vision 
  • We help you systematize and scale
  • We help you grow the business you want


  • Organize and execute your vision
  • Elevate your tribe as leaders
  • Scale through people, vision, & systems
  • Systematize for predictable results
  • Eliminate chaos and decision-making issues
  • Build the future and protect the present
  • Discover and develop tribe superpowers
  • Collaborate with your team
  • Win together – over and over again


"We coach innovators and their executive leaders to transition from siloed department leaders to an accountable, results-driven, collaborative tribe that is empowered to grow to the next level"

jodi evans
Founder and CEO

your vision, your way

We’re not here to change you or your vision, but to help you accelerate and achieve your dream. Our Tribe + Your Tribe = Go Far Together 

  • Weekly 1:1 Coaching
  • Group Coaching
  • Workshops

are you ready to grow?

We work exclusively with DSO and group practice leaders who are ready to grow. Because our unique process requires a significant commitment and financial investment for the business and leaders involved, we are highly selective in choosing those we serve.

My tribe and I are so grateful for the opportunity to work with Gary Bird and Ryan Hemphill. They are humble, self aware leaders obsessed with providing growth opportunities for their teams, clients and partners. Gary’s superpower is being The Great Collaborator. To balance the team, Ryan Hemphill is amazing at systematizing and building a tribe of geniuses to operate and execute on the vision. Gary and Ryan truly believe in elevating the entire industry and impacting everyone they work with.

serious fun

Unlike most boring dental seminars and workshops, Revolutionary Tribes makes the transformational journey a blast.

revolutionary podcast

Get real, transformational insights and strategies from Revolutionary Tribes Founder and CEO, Jodi Evans

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