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“She evaluated people, personalities, strengths, and weaknesses in a way I’ve never seen before..."

"As our dental group has grown from 1 to 8 locations over the past few years, our focus had primarily been around learning more clinically. This worked well for us up to a certain point. We started to encounter ‘growing pains’ that were more complex and more ‘organizational’ or ‘managerial’ type issues that we had never encountered before. We just knew that we were working as hard as we could and we didn’t seem to be making much progress. Jodi struck me as truly unique in the dental field. She started from the opposite end of the business and then worked down, instead of from the clinical level up…. She evaluated people, personalities, strengths, and weaknesses in a way I’ve never seen before. Our Management Team functions much more efficiently, more clearly, and more effectively. Jodi and her team have provided structure and a methodology that we didn’t know we were lacking. Turns out, our problems are actually normal for a group doing what we’re trying to do. I know our Management Team would all agree with me when I say that we are very happy that we hired Revolutionary Tribes to help our “Tribe” become revolutionary!"

Dr. Eric Layton
Trident Dental
“the most inspiring
entrepreneurs I know…”

Though Rev Tribes is focused more on the dental industry, I couldn’t leave out my favorite clients who made Rev Tribes possible. ASL Comm is owned and operated by the most inspiring entrepreneurs I know, my mother Crystina Scott, and my father Walter Scott. They always encouraged me to take risks and believe in my dreams, but they also lived out those ideas when they bought at a business a few years ago at 53 years old. As the CEO of ASL Comm, my mom showed me how to lead a tribe. Her generosity and abundance mindset has taught me to put people first. My dad models what it looks like to fully support the team in whatever they need. They are truly a power couple who have built the largest tribe of interpreters in both Nevada and Utah. I love you Mom and Dad! I’m so grateful I get to work with them as clients today.

ASL Comm
“rev tribes immensely supports our team in understanding our individual and team strengths..."

"Rev Tribes immensely supports our team in understanding our individual and team strengths to create synergy and work through what winning now and winning later looks like in our practices. Rev Tribes provides ongoing coaching for our executive team, project managers, practice leaders, and individual coaching to elevate our overall leadership. We highly recommend growing practices to reach out and see how Rev Tribes can enhance your approach to growth, strategic planning, and winning now!"

Dr.Lori Noga, CEO/Founder of Tranquility Dental Wellness
“an amazing couple and
team of entrepreneurs…”

Dr. Matt and Dr. Molly are an amazing couple and team of entrepreneurs. Dr. Matt is the visionary and CEO who drives the vision of Timber Dental while Dr. Molly is excellent at understanding the culture and the brand that Timber represents. Together, they have built a tribe of humble, hard working geniuses who help bring the Timber vision to life every day. I am so grateful for the impact they will make on their doctors, teams and communities through Timbers continual growth.

Timber Dental

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