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Our tribe loves to help people and teams accelerate and achieve your vision.

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We help you build the business you want by scaling people, vision, and systems for results.

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Our tribe of experts consists of specialized coaches and trainers in the following areas: mindset, facilitation, platform implementation, and execution.


meet jodi evans

Founder and Chief Vision Officer of Revolutionary Tribes
COO of Community Dental Partners for 10 years
CMO of Community Dental Partners for 8 years

the story of struggle

As a wife, mother of six kids, and a transformational leader, Jodi has struggled with narcolepsy and cataplexy for more than a decade. When she experiences heightened emotions, she enters a dream-like state, and her body puts her to sleep. Early on, Jodi and her family were dumbfounded by this radical alteration to their entire world.

“When this began, I lost my identity. As I lost my identity everything just kept slipping.”

the aha moment

Eventually, Jodi realized that beneath her illness she was the same accomplished, hard-working woman. That’s when the epiphany happened.

“I thought, If I was more capable than I appeared to be from surface-level observation, then this must be true of others as well.”

finding superpowers

Jodi began to take this idea into her business endeavors. As she began looking closely at the people she worked with, she began to identify their unique “superpowers” hidden beneath the surface. In identifying these unique talents, she was able to transform her team into a stronger and more cohesive tribe. With everyone’s unique talents made available to the group, they were able to achieve unprecedented and repeatable success.

helping your tribe win

Jodi brings her own research and experience to your team, and along with her transformational tribe of experts they will help you to find your team’s individual superpowers and leverage them so your tribe wins over and over again.

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