Join Dr. Paul Kennedy, a renowned Pediatric Dentist and CEO of Kennedy Dental Care, along with Shelia Taylor, the Chief Operating Officer, as they delve into the intricate journey of scaling a dental practice while maintaining a solid cultural foundation.

In this insightful episode, Dr. Kennedy and Shelia share their experiences of overcoming challenges, building trust, and fostering a thriving team culture. From starting with a single location to expanding to multiple offices, they discuss key lessons learned, the importance of consistency, the power of caring for patients and team members, and the strategies they have employed to successfully replicate their core values across different locations.

Join us to gain valuable insights into leadership, team dynamics, and the gradual integration of a winning culture within a growing dental practice!

[01:38] Building a Legacy of Dental Excellence: A Journey of Growth, Leadership, and Cultural Foundation

[10:11] Fostering Growth: Cultivating a Collaborative and Supportive Dental Tribe

[15:18] Lessons from the Shadows: Navigating Trust and Overcoming Painful Setbacks in Scaling

[19:22] Resilience through Trials: Rebuilding Trust and Reinforcing Security in Scaling Dental Practice

[24:06] Personal Reflections: Navigating Career Choices, Team Training, and Rebuilding Trust After Setbacks

[28:03] Embracing Risks and Collaborating for Growth: Tales of Expansion, Lessons Learned, and Resilient Partnerships

[35:27] Fostering a Culture of Care, Consistency, and Growth: Insights from Dental Practice Expansion


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